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For almost 40 years Las Vegas Entertainer Tony Arias has performed in showrooms up and down the famed Las Vegas Strip as a musical-comedian.

At a height of almost 6'4" Tony's singing voice, boyish charm,

and quick wit have set him apart as a truly versatile performer.

In the world of voice-overs Tony's baritone voice can be heard on numerous national television/radio campaigns (commercials) as well as documentaries, video games, and even slot machines.

Like his voice, personality, and stature, Tony's stage presence is


Born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, California, Tony moved to Las Vegas, NV, just hours after graduating high school with the goal of performing in showrooms on the Las Vegas Strip. 


"I had no stage act, no professional stage experience, and I knew no one in Las Vegas.  The only thing I did have was this unusual voice that seem to get me a lot of attention. So, I started banging on radio station doors"


Tony went on to become a top-40 radio disk jockey in Las Vegas.  

A job that opened doors to entertainment directors and casino marketing directors

who hired Tony to host slot tournaments and casino galas.  


"From a midnight lounge singer to a few shows as a singing Master of Ceremonies and comedian" 


Tony Arias has never said "no" to a producer.  


"When a producer asked if I could juggle while riding a unicycle, I told them YES!  

Of course I couldn't so I would make something up to hopefully make them laugh.  

It didn't always work but even if I wasn't right for the part somehow they would fit me into the show.  

Other than the songs I'm singing about 90% of what I do on stage is made up on the spot.  

I really just prefer an outline and go from there.  

It's NOT a path I would suggest to young aspiring stage performers but somehow it worked for me"


Off Stage:  

In 1993 Tony was introduced to a new choir member at church

(Tony was the musical director at his church for 25 years) and his name was Scott Breiner.

Within a year Tony and Scott became a couple.  

With the hopes of adopting children Scott legally changed his name to Scott Arias in 1998. 

In 2008 Tony and Scott Arias were legally married.  

June 2024 Tony & Scott Arias celebrated 30 years and...

lived happily ever after.


















Cruise Lines: Guest Entertainer

Azamara Club Cruises (Ships: Journey, Quest, and Pursuit)

Voice Overs:

Tony Arias' rich baritone voice has graced airwaves around the world since 1986 with numerous national advertising campaigns. From documentries, websites, and video games.


National Television Spots:

- Nissan

- Office Plus

- Hilton Hotels


Stage Productions:

- Caesars Magical Empire Show (Las Vegas)

- Royal Lipizzaner Stallions Show (Las Vegas)

- World's Greatest Magic Show (Las Vegas)


- KYRK, Power 97 (Las Vegas)

- KORK, Big Bands, Ballads, & Broadway (Las Vegas)




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